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Food Sensitivity Testing in Melbourne

Do you experience bloating, pain or diarrhoea after eating certain meals? Are you having trouble identifying the foods that are causing the problem? Would you like a convenient, comprehensive testing solution that’s also affordable? Food Sensitivity Testing is here to help.

If you’ve been considering getting a dairy/lactose intolerance test or a gluten intolerance test, but haven’t had the time or the money to book a doctor’s appointment, we offer a simple and straightforward alternative that will get you the answers you deserve.

The best part? We have an offices based in Australia, so you get prompt local service. For more information on our food intolerance testing services or to order your test/s, call us on (07) 54793411.

NB: We do not do Type I food allergy testing; rather, we test for food intolerance/sensitivity using an IgG food test that covers 96 foods and ingredients which are commonly poorly tolerated. For further details, see our FAQs page.